Friday, March 11, 2011

Lucy was picked to help make the train noise at the local sing and dance show we go to each week. I was shocked she raised her hand to volunteer.

We went to the Lehi days again this year and the kids loved getting their free pony ride. They don't even ask us to walk by them. It is so fun, and the meal was, again, delicious. Lucy wanted to go into the rodeo ring and try to catch a chick, but she couldn't push through the crowd.

Fisher bit through his tongue. We didn't think to take a picture until the next day. The first day it was a huge hole. It has only been 3 days and it is almost completely healed. The mouth is an amazing thing.
After I took Fisher's picture, Lucy requested I take her's too. This was the day she took her preschool screening tests. I was concerned that her speach might be lacking, but she is just lazy at home sometimes. She passed all the tests with flying colors and we just have to remind her to enunciate her v, th, and sh.

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The Miranda's said...

Lucy look soooo much like you ....gosh, and Fisher got his tongue good...I can still see the indent! I'm glad your kids are having so much fun!