Friday, March 11, 2011

Lucy was picked to help make the train noise at the local sing and dance show we go to each week. I was shocked she raised her hand to volunteer.

We went to the Lehi days again this year and the kids loved getting their free pony ride. They don't even ask us to walk by them. It is so fun, and the meal was, again, delicious. Lucy wanted to go into the rodeo ring and try to catch a chick, but she couldn't push through the crowd.

Fisher bit through his tongue. We didn't think to take a picture until the next day. The first day it was a huge hole. It has only been 3 days and it is almost completely healed. The mouth is an amazing thing.
After I took Fisher's picture, Lucy requested I take her's too. This was the day she took her preschool screening tests. I was concerned that her speach might be lacking, but she is just lazy at home sometimes. She passed all the tests with flying colors and we just have to remind her to enunciate her v, th, and sh.


Vandi reminded me that I haven't posted any of my recent cakes. I have made 4 since Dec. Here they are.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

4 months?

I am so sad that Fisher is still in diapers. We were doing well, but when we went to UT for Christmas he went back into diapers and now I am just waiting for him to tell me when. Although he did pull down his pants and diaper today at the park to pee on a tree. He has to do it "all by myself" or he won't do it at all. So, we wait. I have to post some pictures from the last few months to update. Mark and Suzie came down to visit and we went to Tuscan.
Lucy was a cowgirl again for Halloween and Fisher was the Cool-Aid Man, complete with him saying, "Hey Cool-Aid".

Fisher chose to have Buddy on his Birthday cake and got a new Thomas Track from Grandpa Ogden when he visited. Both kids decided to be really brave and sit on Santa's lap, together, at our ward funciton. They talked all day about how brave they were going to be and how they weren't going to cry. Fisher kept his tough face on the entire time, but made it through.
We went to Utah for Christmas. Lucy decided we all had to go ice skating, which the kids didn't really love, and play in the snow, which all melted the day before we got there. But they did get a few flurries to play in and then there was another big storm the day we left. Grandma took us all to see the lights at the zoo and the kids got excited about their trampoline from Santa and the adults played lots of games. We toasted the new year as a family with our "yummy new year drink" and are enjoying the beautiful weather this time of year in Arizona.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Prince and Princess

Well, first report, Fisher is now in diapers. After his great day, he wanted diapers and still does. He sometimes asks for big boy underwear, but when I return it with, then do you want to go on the potty, he says no. So, "can't push 'em" right?
On Friday we went to the mall and got a free ride on the carousel and a free meal. Why? I dressed my kids as a pince and a princess. There were many princesses there, although not as gorgeous, but Fisher was one of the few princes. They LOVED the dressing up and had fun with their friends. We had fun too.

Then Saturday, we went to the zoo early to see the koalas, but the line was too long and we didn't have enough time to see them. Then we went to a baptism and then to a museum. I was exhausted by noon.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Yesterday started the 4th week of me trying to get Fisher potty trained. Tyler and Jana West were visiting us this weekend and Jana told me that when Lilly decided she was going to be potty trained it lasted one day until Jana put her back in a diaper. But the next day, Lilly said she didn't want diapers anymore and she did it. So, I put Fisher in a diaper yesterday after he had an accident in the morning. He has had 1 diaper on in the last 3 weeks and it was only for an hour. I was scared that it would undo everything we had done. But, this was the first day that he had 0 accidents. None at all. It is great! I dont' know what the diaper did, but I hope it lasts.

I finished my cake decorating class last week. Here are the two cakes I made in the class. I did cookies and cupcakes too, but didn't take a picture of those. The class was fun. I hope to get to practice and get better.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I know, big shock!

Okay, Okay, for all of you that are checking...I am finally updating. I just haven't had time, or something. I guess I have some time since I have read the Hunger Games series in the past few weeks. Well, each book took about 2 days, but I had to borrow them all. I finished sewing Noah's Ark. It took me longer than I thought because I had to completely make up the ark. I cut the pattern and then made something completely different, but It is okay.

Fisher and Lucy are great. Lucy tells me that I am driving her crazy or nuts about every other day when I don't let her do what she wants. It is so funny, but I know she is just telling me what I say to her some nights when I am trying to put them to bed. Gary isn't home as often being in the bishopric and I am home more often, not being the YW president.

The kids love being in nursery together and have a montra of songs they sing from it and from FHE, oh and from Dupper (a sing and dance thing we go to each week at the mall. They really go so they can ride the carousel. It's free.)

We have gotten some rain in the past few weeks, so the kids have been playing out in it, and loving it! Fisher is trying to drink the rain here. Don't be fooled by his pants. It is still over 100 degrees. He just ran out of shorts that day.

We converted Fisher's bed today into a big boy bed. After his nap, he just came out and was pleased to be able to do so and he only got out of bed three times tonight. I think that is pretty good.

Monday, December 7, 2009


Gary is officially done with school. His assignments have been graded and he got A's on them all. So, although he doesn't have his diploma, he is a master. Congratulations!